Why Choose Green Auto Service

When looking for a service centre to maintain or repair your car, you have many choices. There’s the new car dealership, your local “backstreet” mechanic or many of the tyres centres who have now ventured into car servicing so as to capitalise on Irelands aging car fleet.

With all of these choices, why choose Green Auto Service.

Technical Expertise;

All Green Auto Service Technicians are highly trained in best practice and are regularly reassessed to meet the highest standards.

The Best Equipment;

We have invested heavily in all the latest specialist tools and diagnostic software that is specifically tailored for the software in your vehicle. We are confident that no other garage has the same level of computerised diagnostic equipment covering all the makes and models.

High Quality Parts;

At Green Auto Service we believe quality parts go hand in hand with quality automobiles. Green Auto Service ONLY use manufactured approved parts and lubrication oils. These are designed specifically for your car and WILL not affect your manufacturer’s warranty no matter what car you drive.

Resale Value;

A full service & repair history by Green Auto Service with service updates have been proven to maximise the resale value of vehicles.

Think of Green Auto Service as a stress reliever. Visit our workshop and experience the Green Auto Service program for yourself. Stress relief for you, your vehicle and your family.

We take the stress out of car servicing.
Talk to us today on (01) 294 9494.