Clutch Replacement

The clutch in your car is one of the hardest working components allowing your engine to select gears smoothly. The basic components of a clutch include the clutch plate, bearings and pressure plate.

How do I know if my clutch needs replacement?

To recognise if your clutch is worn or need of replacement check for the following signs:

  • Difficulty in selecting gears.
  • Engine reving up going up steep hills.
  • Clutch “slipping” when accelerator is applied quickly.
  • Decreased power when driving.

Should you experience any of the following symptoms you should have your car professionally checked and diagnosed by one of our Green Auto Service technicians, simply call us and we will advise.

Green Auto Service Recommend:

As with any major repair to your vehicle the correct technicians are vital to a correct repair. At green Auto Service we have the expertise and trained technicians for your vehicle.

We strongly recommend that only manufactured approved parts are sourced in any clutch replacement work.

At Green Auto Service we only use manufactured approved parts which will have lasting longevity and are precision engineered specifically for your vehicle.

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