Your vehicles suspension system is effectively a complex series of components designed to work together to limit the vibrations and undulations from road surface, providing a smooth, controlled, comfortable and safe driving experience.

The main NCT failures in 2012 related to the front suspension.

Unfortunately poor roads, an aging vehicle and weak manufacturer design can lead to some vehicles suspension components failing.

At Green Auto Service suspension checks and tests form an integral part of our servicing and Pre-NCT inspections. Should you feel ensure about your cars handling or suspension, simply call us and one of our Green Auto Service advisors will book you in for a qualified inspection.

Shock Absorbers

The principle suspension components are fitted to each of the four corners of your vehicle and work together to cushion the vehicle by absorbing the impact from potholes and other minor imperfections in the road. This keeps your vehicle stable and your tyres firmly in contact with the road surface for the maximum amount of time.

In order for your vehicles braking system to work most effectively the tyres need to be in contact with the road on all types of surfaces and conditions. In fact at 20kph, worn shock absorbers can add up to 2 meters to your braking distance

Green Auto Service Recommends

We recommend having your stock absorbers and suspension checked at least once a year. We at Green Auto Service will thoroughly inspect and test your suspension as part of our servicing program, simply call us and we will advise.

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