Car Servicing

Maintenance as required for your Car

Regular servicing and maintenance guarantee safety, reliability and value retention for your Car. Our service system delivers demand-driven service and ensures uninterrupted mobility. The available service range is based on the performance and operating conditions of your vehicle

Car servicing is the most essential aspect of good car maintenance

By identifying issues in the car as part of a full car service, you can avoid potential or unexpected breakdowns. You should have your car serviced every 12 to 15 months, to ensure that all of the necessary operational aspects of the engine, such as oil, engine fluids and filters, are replaced.

Getting your car properly serviced also means that you will save money on fuel. A proper, regular, servicing programme can save you up to 4% on fuel bills (Source:

Servicing at Green Auto Service

We at Green Auto Service believe that a full car service should be just that. When you book a car service with us it automatically gets the full attention to detail and overview necessary to keep it in top mechanical and safety condition. We believe it is vital to advise customers of the exact condition of your vehicle and to let you know about any potential work that your car may require in the prsent or near future.


Moral Ethics, honesty and transparency play a vital role in dealing with you the customer and your car.

To book your service, simply call one of our advisors who will be able to talk you through our simple process.

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